CMS Development and Hosting Policy

CMS Development and Hosting Policy

Sites using Content Management Systems are updated on a monthly weekly or daily basis, making manual backups is not practical. Unless your CMS includes a backup system that will automate the backup of all files, it is important to utilize a server system that automates this process. PyroGraphics Managed Hosting takes the following steps to protect your data:

First, PyroGraphics Managed Hosting utilizes a nightly, weekly and monthly per-account archived backup copied from our datacenter locations to unattached Cloud storage. These backup routines ensure loss of data on any site is a near impossibility and restoration of any web site can be accomplished in an expedited manner.

Second, Critical Security Updates on sites built by PyroGraphics that are hosted on our servers are provided at no cost as soon as they are released. Security of sites hosted on our servers but not built by PyroGraphics are the responsibility of the client or their respective developer unless an annual service level agreement is purchased. PyroGraphics reserves the right to restrict software installed onto our servers to maintain security.

Third, PyroGraphics dedicated cPanel servers utilize real-time server-level threat and malware scanning.

For these reasons, PyroGraphics recommends that all clients utilize PyroGraphics Managed Hosting for PyroGraphics managed sites. While we warrant Websites we develop for a period of one year from the date they are published, we do not offer free site restoration support and third party software security updates support for sites that are not hosted on our systems.

NOTE: PyroGraphics Unmanaged Hosting through does not include backups or malware protection service, if utilizing our discount unmanaged hosting service you must maintain your own backups and malware protection or setup those provided by the service.

It is PyroGraphics' official policy that we will not provide ongoing update and backup support on sites hosted with third parties unless a separate annual service level agreement is purchased. Contact us for details.